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Hatha yoga is a generic term for the practice of physical postures, breathing and relaxation. All the different styles of teaching, Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram and so on are all forms of hatha yoga but vary according to how the postures are combined.

I teach the Sivananda method which includes breathing, the sun salutation, and the 12 main yoga postures with variations and relaxation. The yoga postures work on the entire body stretching and toning all the muscles and joints, the spine, skeletal and nervous system and internal organs keeping the body and mind in optimum health.


Proper exercise - the yoga postures which work on the whole body keeping the spine and joints flexible, stretching and toning the muscles and improving circulation.

Proper breathing - breathing deeply into the lungs increasing the amount of oxygen into the body. Pranayama (yoga breathing exercises) enable you to recharge your body and mind by regulating the flow of prana (your life energy).

Proper relaxation - this helps to relax your mind and body by releasing any tension and allowing your mind to focus on the breath helping to relieve any fears and worries.

Proper diet - a balanced and nourishing diet helps to keep the body healthy and the mind calmer and more able to fight disease.

Positive thinking and meditation - by practising all of the above principles your thoughts and actions become much more positive, the mind becomes more still with the practice of meditation which brings contentment and peace.