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Hatha yoga classes

Having discovered the many wonders of yoga and the benefits it has brought to my life, I want to share the passion for yoga through my classes and workshops. You too will soon find how this simple but highly effective discipline will bring improved health and an inner sense of peace, calm and happiness.

There are many reasons why people begin to practice yoga from wanting to manage the stress in their lives, to wanting the 'yoga' body, to increasing their physical strength. However as you begin to practice you soon come to realise that yoga offers so much more.

Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit. It is the practice of mindfulness, compassion and love in all actions. Through the practice of youga you become aware of your behaviour in the world and how your positive thoughts and actions can help yourself and others.

Yoga is a real joy in pregnancy, as well as keeping the body fit and supple it really calms the mind and creates beautiful positive vibrations in your body for your baby to experience and enjoy.
Postures are adapted for pregnancy and a lot of focus is also placed on relaxation with some meditation at the end of the class.
Books are recommended as well as homeopathic kits specifically for pregnancy and childbirth, and having given birth naturally to both my sons and I provide some useful tips for the labour!!

These classes are suitable for those who already have some prior knowledge and practice of yoga. The class caters for mixed abilities so that those more at the beginner stage can practice the postures whilst those more advanced can deepen their practice by holding postures for longer and working on variations of the postures.

Classes - schedule 2012
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Morning       Pregnancy yoga 9.30-10.30am Chelsea Harbour Club
Afternoon Pregnancy yoga 2-3pm Riverside Esporta Chiswick
Pregnancy yoga 6.30-8pm Me & My Baby Clinic Fulham Road